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Custom Spaces and Closets in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC

A well organized and clutter-free home keeps your routine life smooth and stress-free. Why not go for custom closets, specially designed kitchen pantry or laundry room to make your life easier? Call Closet Designs and More for customized solutions at great prices in the North Metro Atlanta Area of GA and Charlotte, NC. Change the way you live.

Custom Closets for Various Purposes

If you are picturing a customized walk-in master bedroom closet when you hear the term, “custom closet,” then you are partially correct. Custom closets, however, can mean so much more, too. Here are some of the ways that you can achieve organization in every room of your home:

Custom Closet Design
As everyone has different habits, hobbies and needs from others, customized storage space that we create is completely customized for each homeowner.

Custom Walk In Closets
From closet shelving to drawers, clothing rods to shoe racks, and everything in between, we will make your walk-in closet a haven for organization.

Custom Kids’ Closets
Our products can help your children learn how to get and stay organized. And our storage systems are adjustable, so they can change as your child grows and his/her needs change.

Kitchen Pantry

Custom Kitchen Pantry
We can help you get your meal prep and cooking routines under control via a completely customized kitchen pantry.

Home Office

Custom Home Office
Struggling with paper piles and other chaos can be a thing of the past with our effective and efficient home office organization systems

Laundry Room

Custom Laundry Room
Laundry might not be your favorite chore, but it doesn’t have to become a dreaded task. Let us get your laundry or utility room whipped into shape so you can get in and out of there with a minimum of hassle.

Closet Design

We at Closet Designs and More recognize that you deserve a custom closet that is designed with your uniqueness in mind. When you trust our professionals with your custom closet needs, you’ll be sure to end up with a product that will not only suit your décor and your budget but most importantly, also your storage needs.

Your Free Closet Design Consultation

We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation appointment, where we are able to design the storage solution that will work for you! During this consultation, we will measure your space and talk to you about the way you live. We input all of the information that we’ve taken down into our specialized software, then we utilize our training and experience to come up with a completely customized closet design that is tailored to your needs. Next you will see just what it will look like, in 3D, and you’ll have the option to make edits with us to fine tune and personalize the design. Once you’re completely satisfied with your design we will give you an accurate all inclusive price quote (including any applicable sales tax).

Closet Organizer

For many homeowners, a typical closet simply is not enough to keep everything well-organized! If your goal is to have a closet that is able to handle all of the items that you need to store, you’re going to need to have closet organizers that are adjustable for flexibility and the design is tailored to your needs. The fact is, your custom closet is going to be different from your mother’s, your best friend’s and your brother’s. We offer a wide variety of closet organizers because we understand that you want the products that work for you — no more, and no less.

Closet Shelving
Your closet shelves can hold various items, along with accessories like purses or boxes of seasonal decorations that need to be stored up and out of the way

Clothing Rods
We can put in clothing rods at various heights in order to maximize space.

Closet Drawers
For undergarments, hosiery, folded sweaters and jeans

Shoe Racks
Our shoe racks can keep your shoes out of the way but in full view

Closet Accessories
Instead of stuffing ties, belts and jewelry in a drawer, why not have dedicated racks and trays installed to handle these small items? We can also put in a valet rod so you can pick out your clothing at night and have it right at hand the next morning when you are ready to get dressed

Walk-In Closets

Some people think that they’re just “not morning people,” but in many cases, a chaotic start to the day might have more to do with disorganization. If your bedroom and closets are not well-organized, it could be difficult for the most eager of early-birds to get themselves and their families dressed, ready and out the door.

You might wonder how custom closets can change the way that your day progresses. Here are a few of the ways:

Your clothes will be ready to wear
When your clothing is stored in a roomy custom closet, it won’t become wrinkled after ironing, and you’ll reduce the chances of having items ruined due to storing everything too tightly pressed together. You can pull your items out and put them on without worrying about it.

You’ll be able to store everything right in your closet
From hats and purses to jewelry, hosiery and shoes, our closet accessories will help you keep your wardrobe accessories in great condition at at your fingertips. You can walk into your custom closet wearing just a bathrobe, and emerge fully dressed, from head to toes.

Your closet will be an attractive part of your bedroom
We offer a variety of closet finishes and special details that will allow you to coordinate your closet with the rest of your home’s decor.